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Custom Test Stands

At Parker Engineering & Design, Custom Test Stands are what we do!

Test Stands may be related to Product Research and Development, Product Aging, Assembly, Functional Testing, or End of Line Production Testing.  These systems can be stand-alone or can be incorporated into assembly lines and plant data systems.

While most of our work is in automotive applications, we have also worked in general industrial, furniture manufacturing, solar panel testing, continuous emission monitoring, and even the testing of sporting goods. 

Some of our customers:

  • Cooper Standard Automotive
  • Chrysler

  • Eaton Automotive

  • First Solar 

  • Ford Motor Company 

  • General Motors

  • Honda

  • Mercedes Benz

  • Suzuki

  • Tenneco Automotive

  • Toyota

  • UniSolar

Examples of Test Stands we have designed:

  • Automotive Components Air Flow Test Stand

  • Automotive Emissions Canister Loading System

  • Automotive Hose Products Pressure, Vibration, Temperature Test Stand

  • Automotive Solenoid End of Line Production Test Stand

  • Briefcase (portable) Leak Tester

  • Coolant Pump Dynamometer Test

  • Coolant Pump End of Line Production Test Stand

  • Coolant Pump Flow Development Stand

  • Data Acquisition Stands

  • Fuel Conditioning Cart

  • Fuel Hose Permeation Test Stand

  • Fuel Level Controls for Dynamometer Cells

  • Fuel System Shock / Impact Testing

  • Fuel Tank Slosh Test Stand

  • Fuel Valve Test Stand

  • Gas Regulation Panels

  • Gas Distribution Panels

  • Gas Point of Use Panels

  • Injector Leak Test Stand

  • Injector Mass Flow Stand

  • Steering Column Bushing and Bearing Wear Tester

  • Transmission Leak Test Stand

  • Textile Processing and Control System