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Solar Light Soak

Alternative Energy

Parker Engineering & Design has supplied more than 100 custom test stands to one of the world's leading Solar Panel manufacturers. 

We can offer solutions for a variety of Solar Panel applications which may include Heat and Light Soak, Flatness Measurement, Wind Load Testing, Temperature Conditioning, Thermal Cycling, Load Testing or other applications.  Call us to see how we can help you!


   Textile Control Panel

 Textile Processing Systems

Parker Engineering & Design is supplying controls and mechanical systems for breakthrough technology for Textile Processing.  This unique technology platform uses Laser Enhanced Plasma and UV treamtents to provide improvements in treatments for hydrophobicity, stain resistance, durability and fire retardancy, among others.

The equipment has been developed for the Textile Centre of Excellence in Huddersfield, UK, under the direciton of MTI-X (UK). Our partner MTI-X is currently producing systems for production use.  




Automotive Emissions and Test Labs

We have been involved in Automotive Emissions for more than 20 years.  We provide a varPED Gas Distributioniety of standard and custom products, and have also worked on software and hardware upgrades for existing equipment provided by other manufacturers.

We can provide Gas Distribution Panels and Point of Use Systems, including new or modifications to existing Gas Bottle Rooms.

Our Canister Conditioning Manager software is in use in the emissions labs of several major automotive manufacturers.  We can provide standard or custom Evaporative Emissions Canister Loading Systems.


Contact us to discuss these or other applications, and how we can assist you with your specialty applications.