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Industrial Automation uses various technologies, such as computer software, control systems, motion control, and robotics to perform and manage industrial process without human intervention.  It involves the use of sensors, actuators and controllers to automate the operation of machinery and equipment, and to optimize the performance of industrial processes.  


Industrial automation can be employed in a wide range of processes, such as manufacturing, assembly, and inspection, to reduce manpower, and improve efficiency, productivity, reliability and safety.  


Parker Engineering has employed various levels of automation in our machinery and test equipment, ranging from simple pick and place, to fully automated systems operating without any operator intervention.  


Processes where automation may be used can include:

  • Electrical or Mechanical Testing
  • Component Assembly
  • End of line Testers
  • Material handling
  • Palletizing
  • Machine Tending / Part Feeding
  • Inspection


Automated Inspection and Marking

Our customer produces thousands of parts for tensile testing of materials.  Each part must be inspected, measured, and marked prior to the test.  Our robotic inspection system provides a completely automated solution that reduces manpower, cycle time and improves accuracy of measurement and marking.  


Automated Roof Leak Test Stand


Automated Roof Leak Test Stand

This customer manufactures composite roofs for automobiles, which must be leak tested to ensure highest quality to their customer.  Our completely automated solution requires zero operator interaction and provides reliable testing from part to part with less than a minute cycle time.  


Automated Roof Leak Test Stand