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Automated Test Stands - Design, Build, Programming - Turnkey Systems Capability

We specialize in the design and production of turnkey automated test stands for customers over a wide range of applications.  For these systems, we are responsible for the entire project from design to startup and checkout.  When we deliver the system, it is ready for the customer to 'turn the key' and start it up immediately.

Electrical Control Panel - Design and Build

We will build Electrical Control Panels to your design or ours with the highest quality and workmanship in the industry! 

Engineering & Services

We provide a variety of engineering and support services related to Automated Testing, Automotive Emissions, Industrial Controls and Hazardous Gas Detection systems.

We supply complete systems from concept to completion, or any element of the project along the way. We also provide maintenance and calibration services of existing systems.

Some of the services we can provide include:

Engineering Consultation

  • Test Specification Development
  • Initial System Design
  • Test Fixture Design
  • Hazardous Area Classification and Considerations
  • Project Management
  • Installation / Installation Coordination
  • Technical Training


  • National Instruments LabView
  • PLC Programming
  • SCADA Package Programming
  • Visual Basic, C, and other programming languages

Gas Detection System Calibration and Maintenance

Mechanical Fixture Designs

Preventative and Routine Maintenance

Technical Training

Canister Loading Systems

Control and Test Systems for Hazardous Areas

Gas Cylinder Rooms, Distribution, Point of Use

Leak Testing

Special Applications