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Leak Testing

Leak Test Systems

Parker Engineering & Design has designed custom Leak Test Stands for a variety of applications.  From small solenoid valves, to coolant pumps, transmission cases and composite roofs, we can provide custom solutions when off the shelf Leak Testers will not get the job done.  


We have developed successful automated Leak Testers with a variety of methods, from Pressure Decay to Tracer Gas.  When necessary, the systems can be completely customized, designed specifically for each unique application.  


As a complete machine builder, we provide turn-key systems from concept to completion.  We can supply test fixtures, controls, software and other elements as necessary for the complete project.  We can integrate the Leak Test Stand into your production processes, interface with your plant network, and provide detailed data for each test.  


Solenoid Coli End


Solenoid Coil End of Line Tester

An example of a very small Leak Test stand, this customer required a complete system to functionally test a small solenoid valve coil and perform an automated leak test.  The overall cycle time required was less than 15 seconds per part.  Our solution employs a rotary index table and multiple stations for the functional and leak tests.  The leak test is performed with differential pressure decay.  100% of parts are tested, and detailed test results are recorded for each part.


Automobile Composite Roof Leak Testing


Automobile Composite Roof Leak Tester

An example of our largest Leak Test stand, this customer spoke with all of the big leak test companies and no one could offer a solution to their Leak Test Challenge.  The roof size, unsealed state, and production speed requirements combined to make this a very difficult challenge.  We developed a unique solution using a Tracer Gas method and produced both manual and fully automatic Leak Test stands for their manufacturing plant.  In the fully automated version, the roof enters the test stand on an Automatic Guided Cart, seals and test fixturing move into place, and the Leak Test is performed with less than a 60 second cycle time from part to part.  All without any operator interaction.  The system test 100% of all roofs produced, having run more than 750,000 tests since installation in 2018. 


Automobile Composite Roof Leak Tester